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Welcome to Mullin Renewables.

"One Call Does It All"

Jim Mullin has over twenty years experience as a plumber and has worked on both private developments and with many local contractors. Over that time he has built up a justifiable reputation for quality of service and expertise. He has always been forward thinking and takes pride in keeping abreast of all new developments relating to his trade.

Jim started working with alternative energy in 2003 and is now uniquely placed to supply the full plumbing package from domestic requirements to renewables. He will provide each customer with invaluable advice and up-to-date recommendations from the first planning stage to the final completion. His experience with alternative energy solutions began with solar panels. This has proved to be an ongoing success and he has fitted hundreds throughout the county. From this beginning he has branched into all areas relating to renewable energy:

  • Biomass pellets, woodchip, log boilers
  • Wind energy
  • Photo Voltaic
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Geothermal
He is comfortable working in all these areas and will advise each customer on the most suitable solutions for his/her requirements

Jim keeps up to date with all the latest developments through regular training visits to Austria and Germany world leaders in renewable energy technology.

Jim is a registered installer for Sustainable Energy Ireland (S.E.I.). He is a supplier of the much published Unpressurised Stainless Steel Domestic Hot Water Tanks with 25 Year Guarantee and is also the main agent in Donegal for ETA Biomass Boilers and Attack Log Boilers

Jim Mullin

2009 Mullin Renewables